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Jerry Rose

Sharon Evans-Rose

       Originally from Beckley, WV, the Roses began study with the Beard School of Dance and continued their work with the June Taylor School, Billie Mahoney School, Luigi's Jazz Centre, American Academy of Ballet, Metropolitan Opera Ballet School, Ballet Arts of Carnegie Hall, Benedict Dance Theatre, U.N.C.G., and Michigan State University.


        Former soloists with the Charleston Ballet, The Roses have performed with the Ballet Cirque, Benedict Dance Theatre, Honey In The Rock, Musical Theatre New Jersey and Quindo's Ballet for Young People with guest appearances with the Appalachian Music and Dance Ensemble.


        Mr. Rose's choreography credits include Honey In The Rock, Hatfields and McCoys, Billy Ed Wheller's new outdoor drama in India "Young Abe Lincoln," Godspell, Little Mary Sunshine, Plainfield, NJ Arts Festival and resident choreographer for Theatre West Virginia for 20 years.  In addition he has produced works for the Harrison County Ballet Association, Concord College Choir-Bermuca Tour, The Alderson-Broaddus show choir "The West Virginians," U.N.C.G. Dance Company, Bowling Dance Company-Johnson City TN, Columbus Dance Ensemble, Appalachian Youth Ballet-Martisnburg, WV, Huntington Dance Workshop, Appalachian Dance and Music Ensemble, Greensboro Civic Ballet, Omaha Dance Teachers Association and over 30 original works for Beckley Dance Theatre.


        In 1987 Mr. Rose appeared with dancer/actor Patrick Swayze in the movie "Dirty Dancing" and was artist-in-residence at North Carolina University at Greensboro.


        Originator of the WV Ballet Festival, Rose was State Chairman of the WV Federation of Music Clubs-Dance Department.  He appeared on seminars for many dance teacher organizations throughout the United States.  Since 1983 he has served as Ballet Master for Dance Caravan USA and appears each year in New York City, LAs Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Orlando.


        A graduate of the University of Charleston, Mr. Rose has been an instructor of speech and dance at Beckley College and Woodrow Wilson High School and was dance editor of the West Virginia Arts News.


        In 1998, by invitation of the Russian government, Mr. Rose taught and presented The Beckley Dance Theatre in Concert throughout the Moscow Region's public schools.


        The Jerry Rose Dance Ensemble appeared throughout WV in schools, colleges and communities under the auspices of the Artists in the Classroom Series.  Mr. Rose was appointed by Governor John D. Rockefeller IV to serve on the WV Arts and Humanities Commission.


        Five new dance videos and record albums by Jerry Rose were released by Hoctor Records for international distribution in the past four years.


        In 2005, Mr. Rose was awarded the Career Achievement Award from the Mountain State University Alumni Association.


        A continuing scholarship for outstanding dancers at the WV Dance Festival was established in 2011 by the WV Department of Culture and History named the Jerry Rose Award of Excellence.  The department also designated Mr. Rose as the "Father of the WV Dance Festival" and awarded him the honor of a Fellow of the WV Society of Arts and Letters in recognition of his contribution to the Art of Dance in the Mountain State.

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