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Dance Theatre School is dedicated to the physical, mental and artistic development of your child.  We pledge to continue our endeavor to afford training, cultural activities and opportunities heretofore available only in large metropolitan areas.  Since 1964 former Dance Theatre School students have appeared in eighteen dance companies throughout America, including the famed New York City Ballet as well as on Broadway, Movies, Las Vegas and Television.  Others have found their niche in teaching in private studios and on the university levels.

Dance Theatre Performing Companies: 

Beckley Dance Theatre, Little Rats, Jr. and Sr. Tap and Jazz Companies are designated special performing organizations for serious minded students.  Dancers desiring to be considered for these groups must show exceptional skill, interest and determination.  This program is the basis for Dance Theatre's pre-professional and professional level.

Performance Opportunities:

Beckley Dance Theatre and it's non-profit producing agency.  Beckley Performing Arts present three regularly scheduled concerts yearly.  "Vampire" in October, "Nutcracker" in December and "Springdance" in March.  The company also present public school performances and performs in the WV Dance Festival in Charleston each spring.  All Dance Theatre School students appear in the annual recital season held in May.


Dance Theatre Students have amassed nearly $200,000 in scholarships to prestigious professional schools and universities across the nation.  These include the Robert Joffrey American Ballet Center-New York City, American Ballet Theatre-New York City, School of American Ballet-New York City, Cleveland Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, North Carolina School of the Arts, Tremaine Dance Center-Los Angeles, CA, Brenau College-Gainesville, GA, West Virginia Dance Festival, Professional Dance Teacher's Association, Point Park-Pittsburgh, PA, as well as the WV Governor's School for the Arts and Governor's Honor's Academy and the Cary, NC Ballet Conservatory.

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